Fairytale Riding

On Saturday my sister and I went for an early morning ride.  The valley was still full of mist but as we climbed the hill it got thinner and thinner and it was obvious that we would be in sunshine before long.  There were loads of cobwebs looking absolutely beautiful.20150808_080002

This is me breaking all the rules to take my photograph!

This is me breaking all the rules to take my photograph!

Once we were above the mist the sun was actually rather hot and the view over the valley was spectacular.



We had a lovely gallop over the fields.  Galahad was rather keen and inclined to cut corners so there was a fair bit of circling on my part.  He wasn’t actually out of control, just enjoying himself very much!

By the time we made our way back down the mist was more or less gone but there was just enough left for these magical rays.


Galahad has added a new trick to his repertoire.  Apparently fly masks are worn over one ear this year.20150811_194137

You wouldn’t think it was only a couple of months old would you?  He does like to destroy it!

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