Having a Holiday

I am just back from spending a few days on a choir trip to Normandy where I had a fantastic time.


This was the horse drawn shuttle bus for Mont-Saint-Michel.  I didn’t get to have a ride but it was good to see that it was there.

Obviously, I couldn’t take the ponies so my sister was looking after them for me.  At one point though, somebody left a gate open and Cookster got into the garden.


Naturally, Galahad is far too well behaved to do something like that – he was there to show where they were meant to be!


A Different Kind of Horsepower

The fields have been getting to the point where they needed topping again and this weekend we had a window where the grass was actually dry enough to do so.  My Dad started off but got a little stuck in some soft ground so I had to help push him out.  It turned out I was not strong enough and I ended up driving while he pushed.


After that I just carried on because it’s actually quite fun when you don’t get to do it very often!


I’m not the best grass cutter in the world but I did a good enough job and enjoyed it too so I call that a success.  Obviously the real horse power is best though!

Galloping Again

Yesterday my sister and I went for a ride through the fields together.  Galahad was again very well behaved but with a little more energy – he was perhaps a bit too slow last time!


This time we had a proper gallop but it was planned and definitely not just Galahad taking off.   He did spook once but we think my sister touched him accidentally with her whip.  It’s excusable to spook at that!


We had a lovely ride.  The weather was perfect and the ponies were well behaved.  What could be better?


Dressage Progress

Galahad and I recently did another online dressage test.   Recording it was fun – the first day I tried it absolutely poured down with rain and there was no way I could record in that!

The next time we tried my Dad – who was filming – was half hidden in shadow so Galahad felt the need to spook every time he went near him.  That was no good either.

Eventually I managed to get a decent test two days before the closing date.  Galahad was a bit more forward than last time – although there is still room for improvement  – and was only slightly spooky.

He is still a bit stiff on the right rein but he actually feels much better than he used to and I am very pleased with his progress.


Our score sheet arrived last week and although we did not get a rosette this time our score showed some improvement which I would class as a success.

Fording the Torrent

Yesterday Galahad and I went for a hack along our most overgrown route.  Given the trouble I had to get him to walk through the brambles last time I decided to just lead him from the start.  The trouble was that the stream was a bit swollen by the recent rain.


Galahad was not impressed and categorically refused to be led through.  I had to get back on and ride him – apparently that was no problem at all!


I did have to get back off again to navigate the brambles but after that we had a lovely ride.  I had got rather wet riding Cookster but it cleared up nicely for Galahad and I.  Definitely worth the hassle!



Sedate Excursions

Although we have had a fair bit of rain recently it is still possible to canter in my neighbour’s fields without risking slipping over.  On Sunday my sister and I went for a lovely lazy hack and took full advantage of the not too slippy fields.

Some of the electricity poles have recently been replaced so the gateways were hideously churned up but the fields themselves were fine so we had a great time.


Both ponies behaved very well – Galahad was possibly the most sedate I have ever known him to be in the field.  Hopefully the lesson is getting through and we will have no more taking off!

It did start to rain while we were out but it was that very fine rain which is practically just mist.  Very atmospheric and nice and refreshing!


Winter is Coming

You can definitely tell that winter is well on its way.  For one thing, Galahad now frequently comes in from the field covered with mud and I have swapped from using a body brush to a dandy brush.


The fields are holding up pretty well so far but there is still enough mud to cover a pony!

Another sign is that Cookster is now wearing these stirrups.


My sister likes to ride in her wellies when the ground is muddy and these make it that bit safer to do so.

I on the other hand am still sticking faithfully to my jodhpur boots.


They might be falling apart and they definitely need replacing but until it gets cold or very wet I will be wearing them!