Shiny New Road

We had a very exciting time this week – the lane up the hill was closed for roadworks and we had our own private set of traffic lights.


We went out for our hack once the men had all gone home for the night and got to meet lots of scary things.  There were plenty of traffic cones – some with lovely raised ironworks.


We had to have a close look and a snort at all of them and Galahad felt very tense the whole way up the hill.  He didn’t actually spook once though so I was very proud of him.

There were some very good surface changes for us to practise on too – although they were apparently not nearly as scary as the signs and the cones!


When we went out for our ride this morning the road had been finished and we had a lovely, brand new surface to explore.  We did have to be a little careful coming back down though – new roads can be slippery!


Beautiful Autumn

Autumn might bring some problems for equestrians (mud, no light to ride…) but I do so love it.


The mornings are misty, the leaves are changing colour and everything is just beautiful.  Even the ponies are joining in.


Autumn really is one of my favourite times of the year.

Unexpected Rewards

There are many benefits to riding ponies but this is not one I was expecting.


I’ve never had my name printed on a rosette before!

My riding club held its AGM and annual awards show last week.  I went along expecting a fun evening but not any awards – an Exmoor pony doesn’t normally win enough points to compete with the blood horses!

I had no idea there was an prize for adults riding ponies so I was very surprised and absolutely thrilled when I won it.  I’ve never received an annual award before and it was a wonderful feeling.  I am so proud of Galahad.


I had a great evening and came away enthused about working hard next year – which is really the whole point.

Hurrying Along

On Wednesday I was racing the light to get a ride in before it got dark.  I was so short of time that I didn’t even bother to change my boots or put on my gloves.


I was cutting it very fine light-wise but we just about made it home before it got too dark to be safe, for which I was very grateful.  I’m not sure Galahad knew what had hit him though – he’s never been hurried along quite so much.


I had such a great time – as I was not worried about changing into all the right clothes, I was very relaxed.  I felt like a child again just having fun with my pony.  It was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone.