Beautiful Autumn

Autumn might bring some problems for equestrians (mud, no light to ride…) but I do so love it.


The mornings are misty, the leaves are changing colour and everything is just beautiful.  Even the ponies are joining in.


Autumn really is one of my favourite times of the year.

Sedate Excursions

Although we have had a fair bit of rain recently it is still possible to canter in my neighbour’s fields without risking slipping over.  On Sunday my sister and I went for a lovely lazy hack and took full advantage of the not too slippy fields.

Some of the electricity poles have recently been replaced so the gateways were hideously churned up but the fields themselves were fine so we had a great time.


Both ponies behaved very well – Galahad was possibly the most sedate I have ever known him to be in the field.  Hopefully the lesson is getting through and we will have no more taking off!

It did start to rain while we were out but it was that very fine rain which is practically just mist.  Very atmospheric and nice and refreshing!


Seasonal Changes

Even though it has been very hot over the past few days there are definitely signs that autumn is on its way.  There is a very specific feeling in the air which always says autumn to me and that has been around for a while.


On Monday morning I rode early before work.  It was very misty in the valley but once I got up the hill a little way it was bright sunshine and there was a beautiful view over the mist.

There are also a lot of toadstools around at the moment.  There have been a huge number over the whole summer but now there are even more.  They are just so beautiful!


This weekend I will be at Burghley Horse Trials so I won’t be blogging on Sunday.   I have never been before so I am very much looking forward to it!

Morning Mists

This week I seem to have spent a lot of time riding out in thick fog.


Don’t worry  – the visibility on the roads was much better than might be expected.


It was a bit disconcerting driving to the stables knowing that I was about to go out in the fog though!

Whilst the ponies have been away I have had some lovely rides.  It is good to have some different hacking once in a while and it is definitely nice to have some company sometimes.  The ponies have behaved very well and I think they enjoyed themselves too – they have a lot more energy when we hack out in company!

Winter Wonderland


It has been simply beautiful here this week with a hard frost that lasted all the way through to Friday.  I had to take ice off the water buckets every morning and the piles of ice are still there now.  As you can see, it has also been pretty foggy.


The mornings especially have been glorious with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.  Having said that, the evenings have been just as beautiful as the clear skies mean the stars are looking wonderful.


It has been pretty nice to walk over the top of frozen mud as well – much better than sticking in the wet stuff.  Not that we have too much mud yet as the weather has been so nice this autumn.  No doubt it will come!


Galahad Behaves Well

This morning was absolutely beautiful.  Clear blue skies and bright sunshine, if rather chilly.  We went for an early morning ride which apparently meant my brain was not working.  I tacked up my pony, went to put on my hat and came back to find this.


I hadn’t tied him back up at all.  Luckily he just stood in the doorway gazing at the world.

We had a lovely ride though.  Once we got above the mist in the valley the sun was actually pretty warm.  It is a lovely feeling to be up and about before anyone else.

Autumnal Riding

It is definitely feeling autumnal around here these days.  Most mornings I am riding out in the mist.


This rabbit was not at all bothered by the pony bearing down on it!

The mist means there are lots of beautiful, dew covered cobwebs all over the place.  Our morning rides are just magical.


Having said that, the last few mornings have been bright and sunny so perhaps autumn isn’t quite properly here yet!

Summer Joys

We are certainly having some lovely weather at the moment. We have had rain but most days have been beautiful.

In the mornings when I bring the ponies in they loom up at me out of the mist.


If I ride in the mornings we go up the hill and pop out above the mist into glorious sunshine.  The view is wonderful,  especially looking down over the mist in the valley.


If I ride in the evenings after work the sun is generally shining everywhere.  My sister and I have had some beautiful  evening hacks this week.  We don’t get to ride together too often these days so it is especially lovely when we do.



Look what we now have enough light for before I go to work!


It has been wonderful to be able to ride every day.  No one else is about so it is just me and the pony.  Plus a lot of birds singing.  It is the best start to the day!  We probably haven’t been riding for quite as long as normal but that is no fault of the light – I am just struggling to adjust to the earlier mornings.  They are so worth it though.  We have enjoyed several misty hacks and have seen some pretty dramatic clouds forming.


Luckily we haven’t got too wet though!  We have however made friends with this year’s crop of lambs.


At any rate, we looked at them and they looked back.  I’m pretty sure that counts!

Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Hasn’t it got cold suddenly!  A few days ago I was riding in a t-shirt, then September started and someone realised it should be autumn so turned the temperature down.  Now I need my coat.  Until I start grooming/mucking out/riding and it doesn’t seem cold at all!

It is gorgeous when I go out to the ponies in the mornings.  The valley is full of mist but the sky is usually blue above and everything is beautiful.


It certainly makes the early mornings less painful!

September also means that the hedges up the hill have been cut so I don’t have to get wet riding.20150903_193316

If it has been raining the grass in the middle gets slippery and Galahad does not enjoy it on that slope (who can blame him?).  He walked carefully to the side which meant that all the wet bracken could reach out and get me.  It got me nearly as wet as the rain itself would have done.

The blackberries are ripening now and there is something very nostalgic about picking them as I ride.  When I was little one of my favourite things was eating blackberries on hacks.DSCN3495

Autumn is definitely here but I am loving it!