Back in the Saddle

On Saturday I rode Galahad for the first time in almost three weeks.  It was so good to be back in the saddle!   It has been very strange at home without the ponies – I get home from work and there is no need to go outside.  Really odd.


Galahad and I had a fairly short lesson (I am still not quite 100%) but I was pleasantly surprised with how we did.  Galahad was nice and calm and even when I couldn’t stop coughing he didn’t really react.  One of my main concerns had been that he would spook at the coughing and I would not be able to control him so I was very pleased!

We even managed a little jumping which I was not expecting to be able to do quite so soon.  We had three small fences lined up across the arena and jumped them in a figure of eight pattern.  I was thrilled with Galahad during this exercise  – he was very responsive and didn’t put a foot wrong. I on the other hand started coughing a bit more at this point and my legs were running out of energy – I struggled a bit to keep him going forward.  As I said  – still not 100%!


I was so glad to be back in the saddle and I am very much looking forward to getting back to full fitness.

Portly Ponies

This week has been rather interesting.  Just as I thought I might be able to start riding again I had a coughing fit and pulled a whole new set of muscles in my side.  I literally couldn’t stand upright.  The muscles are healing now but the cough is still here and I am still not on the ponies.

It sounds a bit pathetic to let a cough stop me riding but if I had a coughing fit on Galahad he would throw a fit of his own and I would have no chance of stopping him.   The trouble is that I can see the ponies gaining weight and that is definitely a bad thing.


I have decided to give in to the inevitable and send them to my riding instructor for a few weeks.  They were due to go soon anyway for their annual back and teeth checks and this way they will at least be getting some exercise.   We have put a lot of work into keeping them trim and I don’t want it all to go to waste!


I will also be taking a bit of a break from blogging – just until I am back in the saddle.  Surely it won’t be that long now!

Trimming the Grass

After weeks of  no rain it is suddenly raining a LOT.  At least, we have been having some very heavy showers.  Which means that the grass is finally starting to grow a bit.  Of course, it isn’t growing as much as the weeds so the fields needed topping to control them.  Which was rather sad as the buttercups are beautiful.


Still, it had to be done and it is looking a lot better for it.  The next job will be harrow the fields and they will be perfect!



Not According to Plan

The ponies are having an impromptu holiday.


I mentioned last week that I had been unwell – I am not really any better and now I have pulled the muscles down one side as well.  All in all I’m feeling a bit fragile and sitting on a pony just seems a bit dangerous at the moment.

That doesn’t often stop me but you can tell I’m not feeling great – the ponies haven’t been ridden for a week.   That is a very rare occurrence and it is rather odd.  On the bright side, I’m sure they are loving their time off!


On a side note, yes Galahad should be wearing a fly mask too.  As he so often does he had pulled it off right at the far end of the field.  Such is life.

Saddle Fitting

I have recently noticed that the back of Galahad’s saddle had started sliding a little side to side.  Not all the time but enough to make me think I ought to check the fit.  Especially as I also noticed that he was moulting unevenly where his saddle sits.  You can see lighter marks on his back in the pictures from our last trec competition.


The saddler came on Friday, took one look at Galahad and said he thought he could see the problem.  Even before he saw the saddle!

He said that Galahad is a much better shape than he was when the saddle was fitted and has more of a wither.  That means he is narrower so the saddle was tipping forward and therefore lifting at the back.  Obviously,  that allowed the saddle to slip from side to side.


I am so glad I decided on an adjustable saddle.  All we needed was to swap the extra wide gullet for a wide one and the saddle is fine again.  It was well worth the investment!

Dressage Divas

Sorry for the late posting this week – I have a horrible cough and was feeling pretty miserable yesterday.  However, I am pretty excited as I had another horsey birthday present which I am able to use now the field has dried out nicely – dressage markers!


These are doubly exciting as not only can I practise my tests in a properly marked out arena, I will hopefully be able to enter some online dressage competitions.    I have never done that before but as someone with no horsey transport it seems an excellent idea and I am so excited to give it a go.


My arena is not hugely accurate at the moment – I paced it out rather than using a tape measure and it made it quite clear that walking in a straight line is not my strong point!  It is great to finally be able to use them though.