Gaining Time

The clocks going back this morning, I decided to forgo the extra hour’s sleep and squeeze in a ride before work instead. It has been too dark in the mornings to do that for several weeks now and I was very much looking forward to the excursion. Of course, what I had forgotten was that if I got up an hour earlier it would still be as dark as yesterday.

However, it did get light in time to ride and Galahad and I had a lovely poddle along the lanes. Nobody else was about and it was just wonderful. I have never been very good at getting up in the mornings but this is definitely worth it.

It was a contrast to the rush to finish filming my Exiefest entries this week but we finally got them all done on Thursday and my sister very kindly uploaded the videos for me as her internet is so much faster. We had a lot of fun doing it and couldn’t resist some Halloween additions to the jumps. The ponies were not at all bothered by jumping pumpkins which I found very encouraging indeed.

Dressing Up

I have had the most amazing couple of weeks at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Being so immersed in books was just wonderful and I did not want it to end but at the same time I missed being at home and I was very glad to see the ponies again – plus my family of course!

Naturally I was exhausted when I got home – and I’m not really much better now – so it has been a bit of a slow week for me. Nevertheless, the ponies and I have been working hard as we are once again entering the online Exiefest competition. Galahad and I are doing the utility pony class as usual and are trying a jumping class again. This time however, we are also having a go at fancy dress.

I don’t think I’ve ever done fancy dress with a pony before – not even when I was a child – and it was a lot of fun seeing what costumes I could come up with at short notice. My parents were a big help with that – my Mum has all the imagination and my Dad adapted a mask for Galahad. Little Red Riding Hood was where we ended up and I was pretty pleased with the result.

I still have a little more filming to do this week but I’m looking forward to seeing all the other competitors – and I’m very grateful Exiefest have continued running the online competitions. We have had so much fun!

Taking a Break

As the ponies had been staying away I took the opportunity to hack over some different routes to our usual fare and also to squeeze in a couple of lessons. Galahad and I had a lovely time roaming around the countryside and it was amazing what a change had come over him in little more than a week. He was beginning to get a bit fluffy before he went away but now his winter coat is most definitely coming through – even his ears are starting to look fluffy!

The lessons were great too and I was plesaed with the way both ponies went. Cookster especially jumped beautifully – once you get him straight he really does have a good jump.

Despite enjoying the time away it was good to have the ponies home again. There is nothing quite like walking out of the door and the ponies being right there. However, I don’t get to enjoy that for long. My parents and sister are taking over the care of them as I am going away for a fortnight to work at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. I am so excited about going but I will miss the ponies and I know I will feel the lack of riding when I get back! I have decided to take two weeks off from writing the blog as I will have no pony content to share – and I know I am going to be incredibly busy while I am away. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks desperate to share everything the ponies have been doing!