Riding Out of the History Books

Last week I received a very exciting parcel – a riding skirt from Klesarven in Norway.  I have been admiring them from afar for ages and finally persuaded myself to order one.  I am so glad I did!  The fabric is lovely and it is so nice to wear, even when I am not riding.


It took me a week to actually wear it riding as I wanted other people to be around when I tried it on Galahad for the first time – I had no idea how he would react!


In the end he was remarkably unfazed by the whole thing.  Even when the wind caught underneath it (I chose a very windy day to try it out!) I jumped more than he did.


I so much enjoyed wearing it and I was almost sorry it wasn’t raining so I couldn’t see how dry it kept me.  Not quite though – it was a beautiful, sunny day and I wouldn’t have changed it at all.

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