April Showers

Really it should be April downpours!

We have a couple of days of sunshine without rain and the ground starts to look like it might be thinking about drying up.


Then the heavens open and we are swimming in mud again.  It seems to be never ending!  The other day we rode out in reasonably nice weather but it wasn’t long before we were being drenched in some very cold rain which turned to hail after a few minutes.  All of the lambs in the surrounding fields suddenly started complaining  and before we knew it they had disappeared into the hedges.  It didn’t make them quiet though – we were surrounded by a wall of sound.


On the bright side, the rain means that I have good reason to wear my riding skirt.  It keeps both of us lovely and dry – although when I am wearing it I’m sure the rain is more likely to hold off!


Another positive is that since the clocks went forward we have been having some lovely light evenings and there is finally time to ride after work.  It is wonderful to get more riding!


This week we went out to tack up the ponies in beautiful sunshine.  It was a glorious day and I was looking forward to a lovely, relaxing ride.

By the time we started up the hill,  the sky behind us had gone ominously dark and we could see the weather closing in.  It was still beautiful though.


Before long the hail started and Galahad’s mane was filled with pretty beads.


For the first time  I felt that my riding skirt was serving a genuine purpose – protecting my poor little clipped pony from all those hailstones.


We did have a lovely ride nonetheless and despite the hail it was nice and relaxing.  A wonderful way to spend a morning.

Riding Out of the History Books

Last week I received a very exciting parcel – a riding skirt from Klesarven in Norway.  I have been admiring them from afar for ages and finally persuaded myself to order one.  I am so glad I did!  The fabric is lovely and it is so nice to wear, even when I am not riding.


It took me a week to actually wear it riding as I wanted other people to be around when I tried it on Galahad for the first time – I had no idea how he would react!


In the end he was remarkably unfazed by the whole thing.  Even when the wind caught underneath it (I chose a very windy day to try it out!) I jumped more than he did.


I so much enjoyed wearing it and I was almost sorry it wasn’t raining so I couldn’t see how dry it kept me.  Not quite though – it was a beautiful, sunny day and I wouldn’t have changed it at all.