A Blustery Ride

Today’s hack was definitely interesting.   It has been very blustery here for the past few days and Galahad was suitably spooky.


Disclaimer: All of the ears in this post actually belong to Cookster. I wasn’t getting my camera out on a spooking pony!

First he was determined to walk over to the far corner of the field instead of straight to the gate.  Cookster frequently does this but it is new for Galahad.  I have no idea what is so exciting over there!  We had a bit of an argument but I did manage to persuade him to go the right way.

Next we were just approaching the gate in the lane when a bird rustled in the hedge. Normally that barely registers with him any more but today it was terrifying and we had to canter back up the lane again.   I got him back to the gate but he would not go past it.  He was quite happy to stand still next to it but walking past was apparently very dangerous.   In the end I had to lead him through the gate.


After that our ride went pretty well.  He was having a good look at everything but didn’t properly spook again.  He was very determined to eat the grass but then the verges are a lot lusher than the fields at the moment – nobody is eating them!


We also renewed our acquaintance with the alpacas who have appeared in the field again.  They haven’t been around for a while so it was nice to see them.

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