Intimidating Alpacas

I mentioned on Sunday that I took all my photographs when riding Cookster because he was being far more sensible. Unfortunately,  that was only true up to a point.


I was quite happily taking pictures of the alpacas when one came up very close to the fence.  That was rather nice and we stood there looking at it.  I could feel Cookster trembling a bit but didn’t think anything of it – after all, we have seen them many times before.


Cookster suddenly whipped round and charged off back towards home.  At that point I was only wearing one glove and I was holding my phone so I didn’t have a great grip on the reins and our braking was not doing too well.  To make it worse, Cookster’s braking can be iffy at the best of times and hauling on the reins is not the way to stop him.

Luckily though we did manage to stop before we ran down the hill to the main road.  It is steeper than it looks in the photograph!


I led him back past the alpacas and we carried on our way.  He was absolutely fine after that but I knew we would have to go back past them.  Cookster knew it too and was stopping dead a hundred yards before the alpacas’ field.  I could get him moving again but I ended up leading him past.  I didn’t really fancy charging down the hill to the main road.


We have definitely got something to work on now!

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