Enjoying the Sunshine

Today has been absolutely gorgeous.


Galahad and I had a wonderful ride in the sunshine.  We met the postman (and had to backtrack out of his way) twice and stopped for a chat with my neighbour.  Galahad was very relaxed and stood beautifully still for a good twenty minutes.   He is so good at talking to people now.  Not so long ago he would have hated anyone patting him, especially with me in the saddle.


It wasn’t only sunny  – it was lovely and warm too.  So much so that I rode out in a t-shirt and Galahad got to spend a few hours in the field without a rug which I’m sure he appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Sunshine

    • It’s nothing to do with me – I think he has a gift. Getting Cookster to stand still can be a challenge so I haven’t train him at all well. Galahad is mostly good but he can have his moments if he is wound up or frightened!


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