Galahad’s New Bed

We finally got around to buying some rubber mats for the ponies’ stables.   I have been meaning to get them for so long but I found all the choice a bit confusing really.  There are so many different options available and I was very keen to have multi directional drainage underneath but struggled to find many that offered it.  It’s not exactly something one can search for either!


I eventually found what I wanted at our local farm supply shop.  I would have found it sooner but it wasn’t on their website and I only discovered it by trawling round their yard one very cold, rainy morning.


The mats are now installed and as you can see are already blending nicely into the floor.  The ponies track a lot of mud around with them!  We should save a decent amount on our shavings bill now.  More importantly, the ponies seem quite happy with the new arrangement which is excellent news.


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