A Misapprehension…

I have rather naively always thought that grooming a pony was the way to keep it clean.  In fact it turns out that all it really does is move the dirt around a bit until he is a nice uniform grey colour.


The ponies have just spent a couple of weeks away so they could see the dentist and have their backs checked.  They got turned out a lot in the school and they loved rolling in the sand!  Although it looks like I haven’t got anything off him his footprints clearly show that I was achieving something.  Just not very much.


The ponies are now home again and are relishing being back in their own field.  It is very obvious that they have been away – sand is no longer a problem but the grass is!  Waistlines will have to be kept under strict supervision.

We went for an early morning canter through our neighbour’s fields yesterday.  The grass has also grown rather a lot there since we last rode that way.  Galahad only has little legs and it was an odd feeling riding with my feet dragging through the grass!  He seemed to love bounding along though and we had a lovely time.  This is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.


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