If you saw my jungle post last week you will have seen just how quickly the undergrowth springs up here.  It is wonderful being able to have the ponies at home but it does mean a lot of hard work.  There wouldn’t be quite so much if we had a couple of flat fields with fences but we have hills, a stream and hedges so there is constantly something which needs work.


Obviously the hedges are always growing so they need keeping in check – although only outside of the nesting season.  At the moment they are spreading quite happily!

They do spread too – a whole mini forest has sprung up in the field.  They start off as little shoots and saplings so you think you have plenty of time to deal with them, then suddenly they are fully fledged trees.  Just like that!


Then there are the weeds.  The obvious poisonous ones like ragwort are got rid of as soon as they appear (if they do) but if we’re not careful the non poisonous ones can easily get left and begin to take over the field.  Sadly, the ponies aren’t so keen on eating them as they are the grass.


Of course, I don’t do all of that on my own.  In fact, I do very little at all.  I am so lucky to have parents who do most of the work – I couldn’t possibly cope without them.


Even the dog helps out!

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