Birthday Breakfast

What with all the excitement of Badminton last weekend, I never posted about the ponies’ birthday.


Birthday treats

Since they are moor bred we don’t know when they were actually born so we gave them a shared official birthday on the first of May.  A May Day birthday seems lovely!


‘We’re starving!’

They both had apples and carrots added to their breakfast and they seemed very keen to eat them – they both stood there whickering until they had the food.  In fact, they tried to storm the feed room and we had to move the dog out of the way before she got trampled.  Normally they just stand and beg from a distance.



After work I watched the trot up at Badminton, then I was off out with the ponies again.  Galahad and I went for a hack in the evening sunshine which was just beautiful.  It’s what I would enjoy on my birthday – hopefully he did too!


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