Birthday Breakfast

What with all the excitement of Badminton last weekend, I never posted about the ponies’ birthday.


Birthday treats

Since they are moor bred we don’t know when they were actually born so we gave them a shared official birthday on the first of May.  A May Day birthday seems lovely!


‘We’re starving!’

They both had apples and carrots added to their breakfast and they seemed very keen to eat them – they both stood there whickering until they had the food.  In fact, they tried to storm the feed room and we had to move the dog out of the way before she got trampled.  Normally they just stand and beg from a distance.



After work I watched the trot up at Badminton, then I was off out with the ponies again.  Galahad and I went for a hack in the evening sunshine which was just beautiful.  It’s what I would enjoy on my birthday – hopefully he did too!


The Joys of Spring

For the past few days Galahad has been feeling nice and forward.  Not in a spooky or dangerous way – just in a not having to push him on way.  We have had some lovely hacks!  Perhaps it is the springtime.


Cookster has also been feeling the spring in a different way – he is moulting with a vengeance.  I’m sure I spend more time grooming him than I do riding!


I happened to pick up a magic brush at my instructor’s yard one day and I loved it so much I bought one for myself.  It is great for cleaning hairy ponies!



Yesterday was the ponies’ official birthday – they were born on the moor so we don’t know their actual birthday.  Of course, we couldn’t let it pass without a carrot at dinner time!




Exciting New Additions

I recently had a birthday and one of the most exciting things I received was this.


I have to admit I had no idea what it was when I unwrapped it and it took me a while to work it out but when I finally did I was thrilled!  I then had to go outside to find these in the field.


Aren’t they wonderful?  The tallest is five foot and whilst we obviously won’t be jumping that high it turns out it is pretty good for practising low branches for trec.


Just not when I am on board.

It will be lovely to have some proper jumps to use now.  I can’t wait for the ground to dry out so we can give them a go.  Galahad should like them too as he does love to jump.  Although, the first time he caught sight of them I was riding him and he was taken by surprise.  Cue a massive spook and a mad dash toward home.  He still likes to keep me on my toes!