Exciting Hacking

This morning my sister and Cookster joined Galahad and I for a very exciting hack indeed.  Partway up the hill I got off to replace the lid on a pheasant feeder.




I found there was a mouse trapped inside it and although I’m sure it was very happy with all the food, I couldn’t just leave it there.  That meant I had to rescue it which was much easier said than done – it was not at all keen on being caught!

I had to stick my whip in the hole at the bottom to stop it hiding in the actual feeder part!

Further up the lane we stopped to look at the sheep when a pheasant ambushed us from the hollow tree right by Galahad’s head.  I was very impressed by how little he spooked but apparently Cookster’s heart rate noticeably increased.

We did have fun!

2 thoughts on “Exciting Hacking

  1. You and Galahad have both been very brave. I don’t think I could catch a mouse like that. Galahad’s small jump on such a close encounter with a pheasant was impressive.

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