Exciting Hacking

This morning my sister and Cookster joined Galahad and I for a very exciting hack indeed.  Partway up the hill I got off to replace the lid on a pheasant feeder.




I found there was a mouse trapped inside it and although I’m sure it was very happy with all the food, I couldn’t just leave it there.  That meant I had to rescue it which was much easier said than done – it was not at all keen on being caught!

I had to stick my whip in the hole at the bottom to stop it hiding in the actual feeder part!

Further up the lane we stopped to look at the sheep when a pheasant ambushed us from the hollow tree right by Galahad’s head.  I was very impressed by how little he spooked but apparently Cookster’s heart rate noticeably increased.

We did have fun!

Time to Stop and Stare

Things have been a little hectic here recently.  I do get very busy in the run up to Christmas but this week does seem to have been particularly busy.  Therefore, it was especially nice to have a pootle round the lanes with the ponies this weekend.


It has been very cold for the last couple of days but there was no rain so we had a lovely, relaxing time.  I was very proud of Cookster for not batting an eyelid when a pheasant flew up very noisily right next to us – even though I jumped out of my skin!


Galahad also made me proud – we had to squeeze through a narrow gap between the hedge and a car with an open boot and the hazard warning lights flashing.  He did hesitate but when I asked him to move forwards he did so.  He rather wanted to rush through but managed to contain himself.


There are beginning to be a few signs that Christmas is coming.


Galahad may have wanted to eat the wreath!


It seems that pheasant season is upon us.  Almost every time we ride out we are met by a whole flock of juveniles which run along the lane or field ahead of us before giving in and flying over the hedge.  The ponies have got fairly used to them now, although we can still get taken by surprise occasionally.

A few days ago Galahad and I met this little one who seemed younger than the others, as unlikely as that sounds.  It was cheeping like a chick and when the rest flew off it got left behind and just ran into the fence.


Eventually it managed to squeeze itself through the fence but was then trapped in the lane with us until it climbed into the hedge, still cheeping madly.


Hopefully it found its way through the hedge to rejoin the rest of the flock!