The Importance of Gloves

I mentioned last week that the ponies had arrived home.  I did not say that we had an exciting time when they got here.  They travelled beautifully but when we unloaded them I was given a strict lesson in the importance of wearing gloves.


Obviously, I know gloves are important but there are always times when we let the rules slide a bit.  This was one of those times.  Sadly, Cookster decided that it was the perfect time to charge out of the trailer, barging me out of the way.  I couldn’t hold him and was given a lovely rope burn for trying.

My instructor couldn’t hold Galahad either and they both took advantage of their freedom – there was a lot of yummy grass!  Luckily we had been sensible enough to make sure they couldn’t get onto the road so they were perfectly safe.  I will definitely be wearing gloves next time though!


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