Off on an Adventure

Monday was a very exciting day for the ponies as they went away for a little working holiday.

My first job was to load all their stuff into the car.  With two ponies’ worth of tack, plus my own riding things, my boot gets pretty full.


By the time I finished our lift was due to arrive so the ponies had to make the trek to the road and the horse box.


It always amazes me how well the ponies load.  They obviously arrived in a trailer but they then didn’t see another one for seven years.  Yet they just walked in with no trouble and have done ever since.  Even when they needed to get into a big horse lorry for the first time they weren’t worried.


Galahad always loads first, then Cookster follows him in.  Normally I would follow them down the road to the stables but this time I had a lesson booked later in the day so I just waved them off and went back home for a cup of tea.  It was all very civilised.


The Importance of Gloves

I mentioned last week that the ponies had arrived home.  I did not say that we had an exciting time when they got here.  They travelled beautifully but when we unloaded them I was given a strict lesson in the importance of wearing gloves.


Obviously, I know gloves are important but there are always times when we let the rules slide a bit.  This was one of those times.  Sadly, Cookster decided that it was the perfect time to charge out of the trailer, barging me out of the way.  I couldn’t hold him and was given a lovely rope burn for trying.

My instructor couldn’t hold Galahad either and they both took advantage of their freedom – there was a lot of yummy grass!  Luckily we had been sensible enough to make sure they couldn’t get onto the road so they were perfectly safe.  I will definitely be wearing gloves next time though!