A Very Merry Christmas

We have had a lovely Christmas.  We had some great rides over the past week and even got in a spot of carol singing which was fun.


We had chocolate coins and the ponies got apples and pony treats which were much appreciated.  We also finished most rides with some hot chocolate – it has been pretty chilly!

We also finally managed to paint the ponies’ toes gold. It wasn’t entirely successful as we had to wash their hooves and the glitter didn’t want to stick to wet feet.  We still had fun though!


My parents came for a walk on our New Year’s Day ride and Galahad was not at all keen on my Mother’s wrap.  He was desperate to dash past her  and even wound Cookster up a bit. Once I had let him stop to have a proper look though he was fine.  He just doesn’t like not knowing what things are!


I hope you all had very happy Christmases (or are having – Epiphany is not until Friday and we are keeping out the antlers as long as possible!).


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