Christmas Revelries

On Boxing Day my sister came round to ride and we set off for our very tinselly Christmas hack.


I always love riding out but it is especially great at the moment – it is such fun to dress the ponies up and carol our way along the lanes.  Good King Wenseslas was obviously the first choice for Boxing Day singing!


Added to that, our parents usually come out on Boxing Day as well – their company is lovely but it also means we may get some tasty treats which are very welcome!

Advent Carolling

Today being the first of December – and also Advent Sunday – I allowed myself to bring Galahad’s Christmas ears out of storage.  After all, we can use them for such a short time, we might as well make the most of them.


As usual he did not object to them at all, despite the fact that I made a complete mess of actually getting them on in the first place.  Those pom poms can be tricky to get under the bridle!

We went out for a ride with my sister and Cookster and had a lovely time, singing as we went.  The ponies seemed to enjoy themselves too and were bouncing along until Cookster got spooked by a pheasant flying up behind him.  He’s not normally a spooky pony but he didn’t enjoy that so much!


On our way back to the yard we stopped off at the house for some Advent carolling and the ponies were rewarded with some lovely looking apples.  We, however, had to wait until we had sorted the ponies out and got back inside for some delicious cherry shortbread stars and hot chocolate to warm up.  It was a good day!

Christmas Cosiness

We have been having a lovely, quiet Christmas.


We went out for a hack on Christmas Eve and again came to carol sing at our own front door.  The ponies got more apples and I think would have quite liked to come in!


On Christmas morning we have always gone out to see the ponies still in pyjamas.  They have got pretty well used to odd clothing now and were very pleased wih the yummy treats they got!


I have been working since Christmas day so no riding for me but Cookster and my sister went on the traditional Boxing Day walk and by all accounts very much enjoyed it.

It has been a lovely few days.

A Very Merry Christmas

We have had a lovely Christmas.  We had some great rides over the past week and even got in a spot of carol singing which was fun.


We had chocolate coins and the ponies got apples and pony treats which were much appreciated.  We also finished most rides with some hot chocolate – it has been pretty chilly!

We also finally managed to paint the ponies’ toes gold. It wasn’t entirely successful as we had to wash their hooves and the glitter didn’t want to stick to wet feet.  We still had fun though!


My parents came for a walk on our New Year’s Day ride and Galahad was not at all keen on my Mother’s wrap.  He was desperate to dash past her  and even wound Cookster up a bit. Once I had let him stop to have a proper look though he was fine.  He just doesn’t like not knowing what things are!


I hope you all had very happy Christmases (or are having – Epiphany is not until Friday and we are keeping out the antlers as long as possible!).