Wedding Fireworks

On Tuesday the next farm to us hosted a wedding reception at their restaurant and warned us that there would be fireworks in the evening – a £600 display.

Since the ponies panicked at a similar display last year we have kept an eye on them whenever there are fireworks about.  This time we decided to stable them as it kept them almost as far from the fireworks as we could get them.

It had been pouring all evening so I was not sure they would go ahead but not long after nine there was a huge bang which made me jump and started the dog barking.

The fireworks were certainly impressive and the bangs echoed round the valley most dramatically.  They can be heard in the video but the volume may need turning up!

The ponies were actually fine with the fireworks.  They were perhaps a bit more tense than normal but certainly not panicking.  In fact, they sometimes looked as though they were enjoying they show!


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