New Lodgers

After the wrens in Galahad’s stable we got a swallows’ nest in Cookster’s.


There are five chicks and to start with they seemed a lot less active than the wrens.  They sat very still and it was pretty hard to see them. After a while I began to hear them cheeping when the adults flew in to feed them but they were still very quiet between times.

The babies are all flying now, although they are still sticking close to the nest.  I have had to rescue one a couple of times when it has got caught between the ponies and a window – they haven’t quite figured out glass yet!


Luckily none of them have been hurt.  One of them did once end up on its back on the floor but thankfully the ponies were out in the field so there were no big feet to get in the way.  The chick was a bit stunned and took a minute to right itself but did fly off quite happily.


It is lovely having them all flying around the stables and I shall miss them when they are gone.

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