Letting Go

I love riding.  I really do – even just spending time with the ponies is very theraputic for me.

Even so, there are times when I just do not want to ride.  They don’t come around often and I feel terrible when they do.  There is always a good reason for my reluctance but I still feel incredibly guilty for shirking a responsibility.


This weekend I rode Galahad early on Saturday morning, then had a full day of orchestra rehearsals followed by a concert in the evening.  On Sunday I was busy with choir rehearsals and had a concert in the late afternoon.  I didn’t ride that morning as I had time to ride both ponies when I got home.  However, by the time I did get home I was exhausted and had a headache.  I just did not feel like riding.  I did get changed but I was persuaded to give it a miss.  It was probably for the best as I  was practically falling asleep anyway!

Sometimes one just has to accept that it is okay to have a rest.  Nobody is going to think that I am going off riding if I miss one day. The ponies will be there tomorrow and they won’t mind not being ridden as long as they have food and water.

Of course, I still went out to see them which made me feel a lot better.  I also have this one helping me so things are not all bad!


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