This week has mostly been spent getting Galahad used to anything he might encounter at out trec event on Sunday.  That even included wearing my new hat cover.  I used to fall off a lot if I was wearing something new so I got into the habit of making sure that I never wear something for the first time at an event.  It is a superstition that has stuck.  It has meant that Cookster has been neglected a bit riding wise but I’ll make it up next week.   Not that I suppose he minds!

I decided against using the saddle bags. Galahad was okay with them but he was definitely very aware of them and I thought that since everything will be very new to him anyway one less thing to worry about would probably be a good idea. Instead I will be using a backpack which I have worn on him several times before.


I did need to get him used to a map case though.  Luckily, since we often take up our neighbour’s newspaper, he is used to me carrying flappy bits of paper and even having a sneaky read.  He was not at all fazed by the map case and I was even able to open it and hold it when we were going along.  Hopefully we will be able to make good use of that at the event.  I think we are as prepared as we can be!

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