Getting Back in our Stride

It was quite hard for me to start schooling again after I lost my brakes last week.  I can be quite a nervous rider and if I am worried Galahad gets worried which makes me worse and it is all a bit of a vicious circle.  My first step was to ride round the field a few times when we came back from a hack.  That went very well so I picked a day to actually try a schooling session.


I was still a bit worried though and I found myself looking for reasons not to school but to hack instead.  It was a bit windy and drizzling but in the end I made myself ride into the field as I knew that if I didn’t it would be even harder the next time.


In the end it all went very well.  Galahad was incredibly relaxed and I actually had a really lovely ride.  I even managed to canter without any trouble at all – even when we were heading towards home.  I finished up feeling very good about the ride (and quite proud of myself for riding in the first place).  Now we should be able to move on and start working together nicely.


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