Getting to Grips with Groundwork

After Galahad and I had our schooling incident last week I was banned from riding when nobody else was home so I used my riding time for groundwork instead.  This is something I definitely do not spend enough time doing.  Galahad can be very stiff through his hindquarters and exercises like turns on the forehand and lunging over a curving line of poles are very good for getting him to use his hindlegs better.


His turns on the forehand actually went very well – better than they ever have before I think.  He is starting to step through very nicely and he seemed to me to be tracking up better than usual too – his back feet were very nearly stepping right into the place where his front feet had been which is really good for him.

We even tried stepping sideways along a pole as we failed completely at that the last time we went to a trec event.  Galahad still didn’t really understand what I was asking but we were starting to get there and did manage a few steps in the right direction.  It is definitely something we can build on next time.

I was very pleased with the session.  It showed that we really are making improvements and it felt as though we were working more together and were recovering the bond which had been lacking a little over the last few days.  Galahad has very good manners but even so he had been getting a little tricky to catch and it was starting to feel a bit as though we weren’t communicating very well.  Now we seem to be back where we were and we are both happier for it.  At least, I am – I hope he is too!  It just shows how important it is to make time for groundwork.


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