Relaxing Evenings with the Ponies

One of my favourite things about autumn is the time I spend with the ponies in the evening.  There is something very relaxing about going out in the dark to talk to them.  I know I have complained about the lack of riding now it is darker in the evenings but it is really just as nice just being with them without the pressure of trying to actually achieve something.  I always come in feeling completely calm and happy.


After a stressful day there is nothing better than a pony hug to make it all better.  Galahad is particularly good for hugging – he will stand patiently for ages while I tell him my troubles.   Except on those odd days when apparently I am the scariest thing he has ever seen.


Cookster on the other hand has no time for hugging.   He comes up to see me but without any food he very quickly gets bored and goes back to munching grass.  He is a proper stereotypical pony!

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