Learning My Lesson…

I had been planning a post about the pheasant shoot on the farm behind us.  As the season is just starting there are pheasants everywhere and I was going to write about how this meant that the ponies are not really bothered by them any more.

Most of the time that is true but this week I was riding out with my sister and I got a very sharp lesson.  We were meandering along, having a chat and not paying a great deal of attention to our surroundings.  At least, I wasn’t.   I knew there were pheasants about but Galahad wasn’t reacting to them so I didn’t think much of it.

Almost without warning I suddenly found myself sat on the floor whilst my sister and both ponies hightailed it back down the hill.  It was terrifying  – there is a main road at the bottom.  Luckily my sister managed to stop at the top of the really steep bit of the hill so Galahad stopped too.  I am fairly sure though that neither pony would have gone as far as they did if they hadn’t been winding each other up.

I had no idea what happened but apparently a pheasant flew up on the other side of the hedge right next to us.  I imagine Galahad heard the noise but couldn’t see what it was – that would certainly be enough to spook him.

It was a very practical lesson in why one should wear long sleeves when riding (technically I was but it was warm so I had rolled them up).  I hit the hedge before landing on the road so my arm is a mess of thorn scratches and tarmac grazes.


On the other hand my leg was well protected by my jodhpurs but it still got a nasty graze.  It also shows that however much trust one has in a horse it doesn’t pay to daydream when riding.  Especially on a spooky pony like Galahad!

I was feeling rather battered and sore but was determined to finish our ride as I didn’t want Galahad to stop on a bad note.  The rest of it was lovely!

5 thoughts on “Learning My Lesson…

  1. I wear short T shirts out hacking. Usually by now though I am in a shirt but it’s been so mild hasn’t it.
    I find pheasants thick, I think they were designed as pony scarers as well.
    We have baby ones at our place currently.


    • I always ride with short sleeves when it is warm. I’ve never had a problem before, even though I’ve been told not to do it.
      I think all our baby pheasants are grown up but there are lots of juveniles running around in confusion!


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