Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Hasn’t it got cold suddenly!  A few days ago I was riding in a t-shirt, then September started and someone realised it should be autumn so turned the temperature down.  Now I need my coat.  Until I start grooming/mucking out/riding and it doesn’t seem cold at all!

It is gorgeous when I go out to the ponies in the mornings.  The valley is full of mist but the sky is usually blue above and everything is beautiful.


It certainly makes the early mornings less painful!

September also means that the hedges up the hill have been cut so I don’t have to get wet riding.20150903_193316

If it has been raining the grass in the middle gets slippery and Galahad does not enjoy it on that slope (who can blame him?).  He walked carefully to the side which meant that all the wet bracken could reach out and get me.  It got me nearly as wet as the rain itself would have done.

The blackberries are ripening now and there is something very nostalgic about picking them as I ride.  When I was little one of my favourite things was eating blackberries on hacks.DSCN3495

Autumn is definitely here but I am loving it!

2 thoughts on “Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

    • Once I get moving it is fine and I am back down to a t-shirt. It’s just a bit chilly getting started. Galahad doesn’t mind the hedges being cut. The recycling box on the other hand is terrifying. Every week.


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