I had to stop on our ride this morning to take a picture of the rain on this grass.  Isn’t it beautiful?

20150707_081438Remember how long the grass was in my neighbour’s field?  Look what the rain over the past few days has done to it!  Clearly the docks are made of sterner stuff.20150707_080342

Given Galahad’s mild panic on Sunday some desensitisation seemed like a good idea before taking him to a show – I can be as aware as possible of what might scare him but I can’t actually stop people running about and flapping things.  When we got back from our hack my Mum followed us across the field whooping, clapping and waving her arms about.  Galahad was obviously aware she was there but apart from turning his ears towards her he didn’t really react and walked the whole way on a loose rein.  This is progress indeed!

We have some new residents on the yard:DSCN3386These are Flopsy and Mopsy.  Cottontail just made it into the hedge before I could take the picture.  For about a week Flopsy was in the yard whenever I went up there but she has got braver and joined a little gang in the field now.  There are so many baby bunnies about this year!

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