Christmas Treats

I recently treated Galahad  (or myself) to a new bridle.  His old one was right on the bottom hole on most of the straps and I have been wanting to change the black leather for brown for some time.

I love visiting the tack shop and it is so good to have really nice leather to bring home.  When I  bought Cookster’s martingale it was so lovely that I knew I would have to get the same quality for myself.

I haven’t managed to get a decent picture of the bridle yet – the first time I used it we rode in a downpour and the next time I had already started decorating for Christmas!


I am so pleased with it though and it was definitely worth the wait.


Make Do and Mend

With Galahad’s cheekpiece broken I had to come up with a solution to be able to ride him until I could replace it.  Cookster’s bridle is too long but I discovered that I could use Cookster’s cheekpieces on Galahad’s bridle and with a little adjustment it would fit both ponies.

That was really helpful but I also needed something that would allow them both to be ridden at the same time.  I was a bit stumped for a while until I remembered that when we first introduced the ponies to the bit we used some connectors to attach it to their headcollar.


I fished them out and tried it – luckily I could still make it fit.


I tried a little schooling before risking going out on the roads and I was surprised by how well Galahad went.  I thought we might have a few braking issues but I needn’t have worried – Galahad was under perfect control and we even managed a little jumping.


In the end I never needed to use the headcollar on a hack but it is good to know that I have it as a backup if necessary.

Saddle Fitting

I have recently noticed that the back of Galahad’s saddle had started sliding a little side to side.  Not all the time but enough to make me think I ought to check the fit.  Especially as I also noticed that he was moulting unevenly where his saddle sits.  You can see lighter marks on his back in the pictures from our last trec competition.


The saddler came on Friday, took one look at Galahad and said he thought he could see the problem.  Even before he saw the saddle!

He said that Galahad is a much better shape than he was when the saddle was fitted and has more of a wither.  That means he is narrower so the saddle was tipping forward and therefore lifting at the back.  Obviously,  that allowed the saddle to slip from side to side.


I am so glad I decided on an adjustable saddle.  All we needed was to swap the extra wide gullet for a wide one and the saddle is fine again.  It was well worth the investment!