Pony Posting


On Friday we made our annual Pony Post excursion.


When I was a child I once rode out with my instructor’s daughter to deliver their Christmas cards and it seemed so wonderful that I have always been determined to do the same with our ponies.


The tack is still mostly decorated from the tinsel ride so we were very festive again.


We didn’t actually meet anyone on our rounds but when we got home we went carol singing at our own front door and the ponies were rewarded with apples.  We had a lovely time.


Merry Christmas!


Pony Post Deliveries

On Sunday it was time for the pony post to make its Christmas deliveries again.


It was a lovely morning with just a bit of fog and we got a bit excited about our decorations.  Galahad had glitter in his mane and tail but Cookster even had it on his ears!


I was going to paint their hooves with glitter as well but it was a bit too muddy for it to seem worthwhile.

As we rode up the hill it started to get foggier but it was still a lovely ride.  Both ponies behaved very well and waited patiently at each stop.


We stopped for a chat at one house and the ponies got some apples which they very much appreciated.  We were stood there for at least twenty minutes without the ponies making a fuss so I was really pleased with them.


When we left we found that the fog had got even thicker and we rode back down the hill through a white world.  Down in the valley though it was still a beautiful, sunny day.  We had a wonderful ride and a lot of fun dressing up.  We’ll do it as much as we can over Christmas!


Delivery Service

The ponies and I have again been acting as a delivery service for my neighbour.  She had asked me to get some shopping which Galahad and I carried up with no trouble in a backpack.  The pony express is a lot more fun than using the car or delivering on foot!

I then rode out on Cookster and noticed that there was a newspaper waiting at the bottom of the hill so we took that up as well.  It is something we have done often before but this time I was wearing a hoody so I could actually carry it hands free which was such a luxury!


It was good to have two hands for the reins but the paper was a little in the way of my arms.  I probably didn’t look the most elegant!

Christmas Post

When I was little I remember riding out with my riding instructor’s daughter to deliver their Christmas cards.  I loved it and it was something I always wanted to do myself.  Last year was the first time I was able to ride Galahad and I of course made sure that our closest neighbours’ cards were delivered by pony post.


Naturally I wanted to do the same again this year – although I seem to have had less time free to do so.  Galahad and I set off up the hill – me with the cards clutched in my hand.  New this year was my elf jumper with rather noisy bell.  I thought Galahad would object to that but he barely seemed to notice.  He has improved so much in the past year!  Partway up I decided to adjust Galahad’s antlers.  There I was with reins, whip and cards in one hand, leaning right forwards over his ears.  Of course that was the moment a pheasant chose to fly up in front of us.  Luckily Galahad started at it but didn’t really shy properly.  Which was lucky as I wouldn’t have stood much of a chance of stopping him.

As I was on my own this year I had to leave Galahad tied up to post one of the cards – last year my sister held him.  I am fairly sure that it was the first time he has been left tied like that on a ride.  I remember taking his headcollar and leadrope with us before but don’t think I actually used it that time.  He stood quite patiently though and watched the world go by.  This was when the actual postman went past which I found a bit embarrassing – as if I was doing him out of a job!


We were just finishing our deliveries when it started raining.  Not bad timing!  Except that we carried on riding for about twenty minutes afterwards.  Still – at least the cards were dry.