Dutch Ponies!

I spent last weekend on a choir trip to Holland.  I had a fantastic time but obviously it meant that I didn’t get any riding.  However, I did get to see some Friesian horses in their native land.


There was a Friesian at my riding instructor’s yard for a few months.  He was absolutely beautiful so I was looking forward to seeing some more.  I never got very close to them but they were lovely to see.

I also discovered that some of Friesland has Konig ponies roaming more or less wild much as the Exmoor ponies do.  It is a breed I have not seen in real life before and it was very exciting, even if I only got to see them from the coach.


I am home now and very much looking forward to getting back in the saddle.  I am hoping that now the clocks have gone back there will be just enough light to squeeze in a ride before work.

Lots of Ponies!

Wednesday was the day of the Exford Show.  We go every year as it is such a lovely little event.  My favourite part may be the used tack stall which always has so much I want to buy.  I almost bought a gorgeous numnah this year but by the time I had made up my mind it was gone.

It is always fun to compare all the ponies to Galahad – especially now that he is going to shows himself.  Hopefully next year we will be able to compete here too.

This obviously wouldn't be our class but look at the tiny foal!

This obviously wouldn’t be our class but look at the tiny foal!

Yesterday we went for a dressage lesson which we shared with five other people so was very exciting.  Even more exciting was the foal in the paddock next to the school.  It was all a bit overwhelming – Galahad was very wound up and it took all my energy just to get him listening to me and sticking to the speed I wanted.   It has been a while since he felt so keyed up but then he hasn’t had a group lesson for a while either so it was understandable.  I was proud of myself too – not that long ago I would have really worried which would have made him so much worse.

Once he was settled he actually did some fairly nice tests.  As long as I can keep him moving he is starting to relax into a nice outline.  It is not consistent yet but it has never been my strong point either so we are learning together.

Afterwards (once we had cleaned tack and packed for the show!) we had a yard trip to a driving competition in the village.  The competition itself was actually the next day but we went to have a nose around and see what a different sport is like.  One of the competitors had a whole stable attachment on the side of their lorry which was amazing!DSCN3480

I watched the driving at the World Equestrian Games last year and it looks like so much fun.  I would love to drive our ponies but I’m not sure how well Galahad would cope with it – he hates things coming up behind him so a cart would probably be a bit too much!  Even if he could cope it might take me a while to get my head round the obstacles on the marathon course.  Those things can be complicated!


Exciting Weather and the Cutest Henhouse!

My riding over the weekend has been rather damp.  I managed to avoid the real downpours but there was a nice steady drizzle.  The whole valley was looking pretty grey.

Today was much drier but oh, the wind!  It was very exciting and did some rather interesting things to Galahad’s mane.


Last week I went out for lunch at a local farm shop.  The food was very good but even better was meeting this lovely foal and her beautiful Mamma.



They also had the cutest henhouse!


Beautiful Fields!

My schooling field is looking very pretty at the moment.  Just look at all the clover!20150720_210123

In all that sea of white there is a little patch of pink making me very happy.20150720_210311

Galahad is schooling very nicely at the moment.  He usually takes a while to settle before he starts really listening properly but this week he has been good right from the start.  Hopefully that is something which will continue.

Today though we went out for a hack.  When we got to the top of the hill we made a very exciting discovery:DSCN3412

Our neighbour’s fields are being cut for hay!  Hopefully it will mean that a) the flies will be less bothersome and b) we will soon be able to go in the fields for a gallop!  Both ponies saw the open gate and thought it looked very inviting.  They took some persuading that going into the field right now would not be an acceptable thing to do!