Riding into the New Year

The weather this morning was rather nice but we wasted it as my sister was making a trifle and I curled up with a book.  By the time we got out to ride it was pouring with rain so we dragged on all of our waterproofs.

Naturally, it stopped raining as soon as we were tacked up and ready to ride – I’m sure that if we had decided against waterproofs the rain would have got worse!  However, at least it meant that we had a lovely, dry ride out.


We had a great time and I think the ponies enjoyed it too despite our making them splash through the puddles.

The only downside was that Galahad thought the perfect place to stop for a poo was right outside our neighbours’ house.  I got off to clear it into the hedge and they came out of the house just as I was doing so.  We had a nice chat and I don’t think they realised what I was doing… They didn’t mention it anyway!


We had some chores to do outside and just as we got back indoors the heavens opened again.  We timed our outing perfectly!

New Year Fireworks

Fireworks have never been something that particularly seem to bother the ponies much.  We live too far from any displays for them to cause trouble and we have always been careful to only use small, quiet fireworks ourselves.  However,  a couple of months ago one of the neighbouring farms unexpectedly set off a proper display and we looked out of the windows to find both ponies tearing up and down the field in a blind panic.  They had just happened to be in the closest field to the display and as their favourite spot is right up at the far end the fireworks probably went off horribly close to them.  Ever since then we have been extra careful to check on them whenever there are fireworks about.


I went out just after midnight on New Year’s Day and found that the ponies were absolutely fine despite the celebrations.  They came straight up to me – hoping for food probably – and followed me back to the yard.  Galahad even seems to have got over his dislike of torches which will make checking them in the dark a lot easier!  I did give them a treat each – I like to reward them for coming in.  Besides, we were celebrating the New Year so why shouldn’t they?

Happy New Year!