Feeling the Chill

The day after Galahad had his back check he and I went out for a hack.  It was the first time in a while that we had hacked out from anywhere other than home and to start with he was a bit reluctant to leave.  Once we did get going though he was very keen to go indeed!  So much so that I decided to go a bit further than I had planned just to work off some of his excess energy.

He was very jolly though and I’m not really sure that it made much difference.  However, we had a good time even if we were going faster than I would have liked.  Unsurprisingly I have no pictures from the hack though – I did not think it would be safe!

That afternoon was haircut time for Galahad.  Cookster is definitely moulting now and since Galahad won’t for months yet he needed doing – he had enough hair to fill an entire wheelbarrow!


He is now a two rug pony.  It seems odd for an Exmoor but he has been wearing a rug for the last month anyway to help his sore muscles and we needed to replace the warmth of his coat with something.


Apparently he was still full of energy even then but behaved pretty well.  He certainly looks very smart now.


Sunshine and moulting ponies!

At the moment it seems that every time I ride after work this is the view I get.

20150610_195855It doesn’t matter where we go, I always manage to be riding directly into the sun and I can’t see a thing.  I was congratulating myself that at least the cars I met would be able to see me when a car behind approached us rather too fast.  It then dawned on me that cars going the same way as me couldn’t see either.  Not very comforting.

We didn’t have that problem today though as instead of riding we had a mammoth grooming session.  Galahad’s summer coat has always been rather slow to come through and I decided it was about time I attempted to do something about it.  I’m not sure I really had much of an effect but hopefully the pony will feel a bit better for it.


I am thinking of making a horse hair cushion!

I am thinking of making a horse hair cushion!

I also did some in hand work with him.  We have been doing a lot of it recently, particularly turns on the forehand.  He needs to build up muscle in his hindquarters and his off hind is particularly weak.  He really struggled with these at first but is starting to move really nicely now.  He is even beginning to get them when ridden, at least when he is moving away from my left leg.  The other way still needs some work but there is a definite improvement.

The picture doesn't really do him justice, he is doing well with his turns on the forehand now.

The picture doesn’t really do him justice, he is doing well with his turns on the forehand now.