Being Seen

I have just had a birthday and my sister gave me a fluorescent sweatshirt so that when it is warm enough to ride without a coat I don’t need to wear a tabard out hacking. It had never occurred to me that this was an option but it is certainly bright and there is no way a driver could miss seeing me now. Plus, of course it is more convenient and I can definitely recommend it.

There is a matching t-shirt too so I’m all set, even when it is too hot to ride in a jumper. Yesterday was still pretty chilly – so I wasn’t going to ride in just a t-shirt – but I was determined to manage without a coat and Galahad and I had a delightful ride.

The other lovely thing about yesterday was the first appearance of the lambs. We have been hearing them for weeks but have had none in the fields we ride past. Now they are starting to appear and I am, as ever, very happy indeed to see them. They even came up to say hello – Galahad was very interested too! This morning there were a few more visible, including a lovely little spotted one which was too far away to get a decent photograph. I am so going to enjoy watching them grow up over the next few months.

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