Houdini Pony

The ponies have definitely given us some excitement this week. First of all they have been clipped – which isn’t hugely exciting in itself, although they do look very smart now.

We are not normally quite so Christmassy so early in December but we dressed up for an online competition and I didn’t want to take it off again!

However, we then had two days of heavy, very cold rain. These ponies are apparently not all that bright and stand out in the rain even when they have access to shelter. When I went to get them in for the night Galahad was definitely cold and I changed their rugs for nice dry ones. The rugs are waterproof and the ponies were still dry but all that rain meant that the fabric was cold and would take a long time to warm up.

The rugs were still wet and cold in the morning – and the weather hadn’t warmed up – so I left Cookster’s stable rug on underneath his turnout. It was a big more rug on him that I would have liked but his turnout rug is basically just a waterproof sheet so I knew he would be fine for a bit and I intended to take it off again before long.

I obviously wasn’t quick enough though – when I went out again in the evening this is what I found.

The impressive thing is that he was still wearing his turnout rug which showed no signs whatever of being disturbed. It’s a new talent I didn’t know he had and it’s a good job the stable rug was so near the yard so I saw it before I inspected Cookster. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue what had happened!

4 thoughts on “Houdini Pony

  1. Oh man I gave up trying to keep one of mine warm during winter he had an inexplicable hatred of the things. Stable rugs and lightweight fleeces he’s fine with but turnout rugs he won’t tolerate.

    I’ve always preferred wherever possible to leave horses turned out and just make sure they have decent rugs and access to the stable blocks. Leave fresh water, a full haynet and latch the stable doors open so they can come and go as they please.

    One of Razz’s tricks was to rag off a full turnout rug, leave it in the middle of the paddock with a huge pile of crap on top and still fastened at the buckles. Now I ask you – how is that even possible?

    Lass that had him prior said before a show he used to rag off all his rugs, bandages and be in such a state the next morning she ended up literally sleeping in his stable the night before a show to catch and keep him from getting it all off.

    Last turnout rug I bought brand new lasted a literal 10hrs before I found it in the middle of a muddy, sludge covered paddock with a massive pile of crap on it and Razz standing by the field gate doing his “Nobody loves me” face.

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    • Oh wow, that’s quite extreme! Luckily my two arent that bad – fly masks are what I spend hours searching for in the field! No need for them at the moment though – hurrah!

      I definitely prefer to have the ooniesbturned out as much as possible but it’s a balancing act between that and not letting them gorge themselves on grass – they practically get fat just by looking at it!

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      • Yeah fly masks seem to be a thing no horse or pony wants to keep on. Razz is a hardy horse and just has to be outside and with his friends come rain or shine. Think I told you this before but when we moved into one yard just short-term temporary until our paddock was sorted, the other liveries had this thing about keeping their horses inside a designated patch or grid with electric fence covering the fields like the queue line for a roller coaster it was really weird.

        Dunno what the issue was or why they didn’t like their horses to be in the same spot with anyone else’s but from the day we moved in it caused chaos cos Razz is 16.2hh and former XC and endurance champ so can clear a 5ft field gate at a gentle trot. He jumped clean over the fencing and went in with the horse he liked best. Sparky – only 11hh ducked underneath it and went in with the other little pony he liked best too.

        Neither were any bother Razz is just really sociable and used to living out in mixed herds whereas Sparky was bullied constantly so preferred to keep company with this older little pony he made friends with.

        In some ways I got that it was screwing up their routine and way of doing things but they drove me nuts with phone calls and texts nearly every day with complaints about the most petty stuff.

        Then one day we rocked up and found chaos lead by Razz who was thundering up and down the field, sailing over the lower fence and leading a revolt with two other horses following and they were all having the time of their life. Had to bring him in that night because the whole field had turned and were galloping around like idiots giving it “Vive la révolution!!”

        They hated us with a passion I bet they had a party when we left.

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