Fighting the Flies

As ever, we are busy fighting the flies this summer.  The ponies often get quite nasty bites but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet this year.  Fingers crossed that it will stay that way.  I did try a deet fly spray for the first time but it made Cookster’s skin peel a bit so I have gone back to the plain citronella version which does seem to be pretty effective too.

More of an issue than the bites is Cookster’s eyes.  A combination of flies and his long forelock mean that they can get quite weepy.  The fly mask obviously helps with that but often I go out to find the ponies looking like this.


Then of course, I have to go off and find the missing mask.  Cookster spent a whole day without his mask this week which led to slightly swollen eyelids and a fair bit of discharge.  That prompted me to plait his forelock up – it keeps it out of his eyes and definitely makes a huge difference as they are fully back to normal again.  I like to think that it makes him look a bit like a unicorn too.


Sometimes I quite welcome the wet and windy days – there are far fewer flies about then!

4 thoughts on “Fighting the Flies

  1. IMy newest addition is very allergic to the bugs, particularly the cullicoides (gnats). He gets bloody, scabby and rubs his tail off. I have him decked in a full fly sheet, fly mask, occaisionally fly boots. I bought fly predators but they don’t address gnats. I use the spray and Swat 2x/day and feed him an allergy medication with high fats.
    Bugs are the worst!

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    • Oh the poor thing, that sounds horrid. I have known several sweet itchy ponies and they are so much work – I’m very lucky that my ponies don’t seem allergic. I do have to be very careful to keep the flies out of Cookster’s eyes though!

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