Virtual Eventing

This week I would normally have been spending many happy hours watching Badminton Horse Trails.  Of course, that wasn’t possible this year and although it had to be that way, it was still rather sad and I  knew I would miss it.  However, I was saved by the genius of the NAF 5* Virtual Eventing who have been working hard to raise money for medical charities around the world.


The trot up outfits on Wednesday were so much fun – I especially loved Ginny Howe’s teddy bear audience and Tom Rowland’s roller blades.  I also really appreciated having the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the riders’ yards – it is so interesting to see them!


Watching in style

The dressage days were more serious but it was great to get to watch some 5* eventing dressage and again those glimpses of the riders’ set ups at home.  Spencer Sturmey’s test was particularly good and I was sorry to find he was eliminated – I was very much looking forward to his cross country round!

The cross country was a brilliant obstacle course with dogs and utterly hilarious – I haven’t laughed so much for ages.  Similarly, the show jumping today (with bicycles!) was great fun to watch – although it seemed to be hard work!  The cross country looked as much fun to do as it was to watch but I think I would have struggled more with the show jumping.


The whole week has been wonderfully entertaining and I so much appreciated all the work done by the organisers, riders and grooms to put this on for us.  If you didn’t see it I would highly recommend heading over to the Virtual Eventing website or YouTube channel where you can still watch the live streams.

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