Signs of Spring

We have had rain nearly every day for weeks.  The fields are absolutely sodden and the ponies are very often dripping when they come in.

However, we do have the odd day when we can really feel that spring is coming.  I rode out on Tuesday in beautiful sunshine – it was still rather cold but perfect weather for hacking out.


Galahad and I had a lovely time pottering along the lanes.  The primroses and daffodils were out looking cheerful and making life feel good.  It is amazing how uplifting a bit of sunshine can be!

6 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Oh man do I feel your pain it’s been another horrible and wet, grim, dank winter that hasn’t even been winter as such- no frost or snow – just incessant rain. 😦

    Also know what you mean about the brief sunshine and glimpse of daffodils bringing a sudden burst of positive energy and little spring in your step.

    Cherry blossom trees took full advantage of the sunshine these last few days and have started to bud as well.

    Another few months and we’ll be dealing with heatwaves, hosepipe bans and having to keep horses from out of blistering sunshine!! 😀

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      • Avon “Skin so Soft” is great stuff for keeping flies at bay and it’s not as potent and harsh for us or horses. The pink one is my favourite it’s worth stocking up in advance.

        Mine have the knack of ragging off rugs and fly sheets down to a fine art and the stables get stifling hot in summer (timber build with built in rubber matting the heat builds and stays inside like a sauna!)

        The repellent sprays and creams sold specifically for horses are foul smelling though mine clock it a mile off and wont’ let me near. Instead I give a crafty spray and brush when grooming as normal before turning them out in the paddock so they smell lovely and don’t know I’ve been sneaky.

        Link to Amazon in case you’re not already armed and loaded with Avon ammo.

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      • Yes, Acon Skin so Soft is excellent, although I do find it is an odd feeling to have flies walking on the skin, just not biting. Sadly I can’t use it on myself any more as my skin reacts badly to it but it is good stuff.


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