Spring Cleaning

The ponies being away last week seemed like an excellent opportunity to get in some spring cleaning.  It was more than time for me to properly clean the rubber mats in the stables and the beautiful weather made it seem like an even better idea.

It was a difficult job getting the mats out of the stables – they are very heavy and the dog didn’t help by jumping all over them.


Having got them all out but done no actual cleaning I then swanned off to a riding lesson leaving my sister with all the mucky work.


I was not expecting her to finish the job but she worked incredibly hard and not only cleaned the underside of the mats themselves but scrubbed out the stables as well.


All that was left for me to do was clean the other (less dirty) side of the mats, wait for everything to dry and put it all together again.  It was actually extremely satisfying to clean something which was so very dirty.  I could definitely see that I was making a difference!

The stables looked beautifully clean afterwards.  Of course, now the ponies are home again they are not quite so pristine but at least they won’t need such a thorough clean for a while.

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