Learning to be a Pack Pony

Our neighbours have just been away for a few days and while they were gone I volunteered to fill up their bird feeders.  The best way to do it seemed to be to use Galahad to transport the food.  It promised to be fun!


We set off on our hack loaded with bird food and had a lovely ride up the hill, despite the fact that it was pouring with freezing cold rain.  Obviously I couldn’t take Galahad into the garden so I had to tie him to a nearby gate – I took some binder twine with me specially.

He waited very patiently while I went off to fill the feeders.  The poor thing got absolutely drenched and I was not thrilled about sitting on the saddle again afterwards!


We had a great time and it was nice to have a purpose on our ride – I’d be quite happy to do it again!

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