Great Excitement

Cookster and I had a most exciting ride on Monday.  We got to the top of the hill and were walking along happily when he suddenly noticed that the alpacas were back in the field on our left.  Then he remembered how terrifying they are and spun around to go home.

I stopped that idea and we faced the alpaca again.  We took a few tentative steps and then stood stock still, head in the air and eyes bulging.  He has a very ewe neck so his head can go extremely high when he chooses!  In the end I got off to lead him past.  I could probably have eventually forced him to be ridden but neither of us would have enjoyed it and it wouldn’t really have done any good.

On our way we stopped to look over the gate at the awful animal.  By then Cookster seemed pretty calm but kept staring off along the lane – it wasn’t long before a van turned up and we had to scurry out of the way.

We continued our hack – at a very fast trot – and had a lovely time until we had to pass the same field going home.  By then the alpaca was nowhere in sight but Cookster was wary in his approach and as soon as we got past the spot where it had been earlier he was ready to fly again.

I had to keep very awake to stop him bolting for home.  We had to navigate a steep downwards slope and despite my best efforts we descended at a very fast walk!

Of course the whole thing was my fault – I hadn’t been feeling too well but wanted to ride anyway.  Stupidly I had said, ‘I’ll just sit on a pony and ride up the lane.  What could happen?’  That’ll teach me!


For obvious reasons I took no photographs on this particular adventure.  Instead, here is Cookster looking beautiful in the evening sunshine.

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