Working Hard

Until last winter we had been using the same muck heap for several years.  Unsurprisingly it had grown rather large and needed sorting out but luckily, as we hadn’t used it all winter, it was well rotted down and disposing of it wouldn’t be an issue.  Less good was the fact that it had also got very overgrown with docks and nettles which all needed removing before we could do anything else.


Over the course of a week we loaded the whole thing into our little trailer and carted it out to the field where we dumped each load in a pile.


The piles were then spread out as much as we could by hand (and foot!).


Finally the field was topped to get rid of the docks and also harrowed.


The field is now looking beautiful and all ready for schooling the ponies.  I am so pleased with it!


5 thoughts on “Working Hard

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  2. My grandfather was a dairy farmer and I’ve heard of this farm implement: a manure spreader. I have no idea what one looks like because I was so little when he died. Long story short, it sounds like you got a good deal of excercise doing that exact task by hand and foot! If only horses knew how much we cater to their needs and every bodily function!

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    • We see a lot of muck spreaders around here and one would have make the task a lot easier! Sadly we wouldn’t get enough use out of it to justify the expense. At least the exercise was probably good for us!


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