As I mentioned in my last post, the ponies went away for a few days so they could see the dentist.  Before now I have always been at work when they have seen him but this year – although I didn’t see him with my ponies – I managed to get a look him working with the other horses.  The tools do look a little bit like instruments of torture but it was fascinating.


While the ponies were there though I took full advantage of the facilities.  I managed to school one pony every day and I had a lesson almost every day.  I worked on quarters in with both ponies as they both need to use their hindquarters more.  The exercise definitely helped both of them and Cookster in particular was working better (and straighter!) than I ever remember him doing.


As well as the school, I also had access to plenty of hacking.  It is always nice to have a change of scenery so every day I hacked out with whichever pony had not been schooled.  Most of the time that was with company too which was lovely.  We had a great time!20180621_122131

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