As today is Father’s Day I wanted to acknowledge how much my Dad does to help with the ponies.

If ever I need help moving the ponies he is there – even when it’s an odd time of day and they have got themselves into an awkward situation.


His is my biggest supporter at shows but he doesn’t just come to watch – he is quite ready to help out too.


He is also our chief groundsman – I have mentioned before how my parents spent the winter working on the summer paddock  – the work doesn’t stop just because summer is here!  Now it is the docks which need to be kept in check.


The farrier almost always visits when I am at work.  Sometimes my sister is home but more often than not it is just my Dad and it is up to him to hold the ponies while they have their feet trimmed.


For someone who isn’t actually horsey himself, he does an awful lot with the ponies.  Thank you Dad.

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  1. My husband was forced into the wonderful word of horses, ponies, dogs and all sorts that came with the job title and he sounds like your Dad.

    Still jumps at the sight and sound of loose (or ridden!) horses cantering or galloping within 20ft, doesn’t like seeing me on the back of a horse, panics when I momentarily lose balance or get on a horse bareback for the first time and spends the whole time telling me to be careful, watch myself, get off it doesn’t look safe and yet he is first in line to buy tickets for cross country day at Burghley and Badminton horse trials

    Spends the whole day going “Jeeeeeesus!!” at every passing horse and rider but he does it because he knows I love it.

    Your Dad sounds like a star 🙂

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