In Training

The ponies have gone away for a short working holiday.  Galahad and I are going to a dressage competition on Saturday and I have been making the most of a couple of days off to use my instructor’s school for a bit of practice.

The ponies were collected yesterday morning, although owing to some crossed wires we were ready twelve hours too soon.  We had some nice in hand grazing time though!


Galahad and I had a pretty good schooling session yesterday and a proper lesson today.  I was pleased with how we did – especially compared to the lack of brakes in our last lesson!  I was having some trouble getting the correct canter lead on the right rein and we really need to work on getting Galahad’s near hind leg working correctly.  It has always been his weak point but it has improved immensely and I am generally pleased with him.


Driving home was fun – the snow in the middle of the road was frozen hard and high enough to scrape the bottom of my car – I thought for a moment I was going to get stuck!


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