Snow Day

In the end we were let off pretty lightly with the snow this week.  We had a blizzard forecast to start at three on Thursday afternoon and it arrived bang on time.  There were some absolutely beautiful snowflakes – something I haven’t seen very often.


By five o’clock we had a pretty decent covering of snow – enough for some tobogganing – and by Friday morning everything was white.  The high winds meant that it was hard to tell just how much snow had fallen – some places had a couple of inches and in others there were drifts over a foot deep.  It might not sound like much but we hardly get any snow down here (we live in a valley and are pretty sheltered) so even that is very exciting for us.


In some patches the snow had blown away altogether – as you can see, the lane is very patchy.  However, all the bits with no snow were covered with a sheet of ice so it was still extremely slippery.


I love the snow though so I have been having a whale of a time.  The ponies haven’t minded it either, although they have been a bit skittish  – possibly because they aren’t getting much exercise.  I was impressed at their snow-scraping skills – they first saw a decent amount of snow eight years ago and have barely seen any since, yet they still know how to find the grass!


6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Mine love snow – horse, pony, dogs – they all go nuts for it. I take off the rugs and let them have half an hour or however long they’re enjoying it for because first thing they ALL do when turned out is roll. I’m not sending any more sodding rugs to be fixed and stitched either so first job, rugs off and hung up then “Off you go lads.. knock yourselves out”

    My dogs sprinted flat out halfway across the field and demolished a snowman some poor kiddie spent ages making 😦 That meant I had to spend ages re-making it before they came back and saw what remained. And I had to replace the carrot with a parsnip cos the dogs ate that too.

    Horse and pony flat on their backs all fours up in the air rolling and in the next field two dogs hurtling straight through a snowman at top speed.

    Casserole of nonsense 🙂

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    • Sounds just like my dog! She went completely mad and just ran round and round in circles. She had never seen that much snow before and spent a good deal of time staring at the sky. There were no children around but my sister built a mini snowman and the dog ate the head!

      The ponies were pretty indifferent about the snow really. They didn’t run around much but they were definitely much more skittish than normal and Galahad was very keen to roll!

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      • Horses are a bit “Oh good Lord what childishness” I think though – generally.

        Razz (Appaloosa that thinks he’s posher than Hugh Grant’s Grandfather) has to be coaxed into having fun as though just going “Yeeee!!!” is uncool / embarrassing and beneath him. When you get him daft he’s brilliant and scares my poor husband to death because he rarely sees Razz pick up a fast walk never mind galloping and throwing out big bucks excitedly.

        A lifelong friend of mine is murder for marding and mollycoddling her horses honestly. Not that I’m ripping on her in a bad way or anything it’s a running joke cos she thinks I’m cruel and threatens to report me for getting mine out, taking off their rugs and chucking them out in a field full of snow and I think she’s like the ultimate neurotic new Mum.

        “Oooh he doesn’t like walking he’s lazy you’ll never get him walking” (16.2hh Irish sports horse) or “Oh no there’s gonna be a slight frost by morning! A frost!! Best stack a mountain of rugs, blankets and quilts on him and tip an extra 4ft of bedding and leave him 14 bales of hay if there’s gonna be frost”

        Last week she couldn’t get to the yard because of the weather so I offered to sort Porcelain Pony and sent her a video of him hurtling around the field like an idiot slipping and sliding all over the place having a blast with the rest. I left his rug on though wasn’t gonna go that far but she seemed genuinely surprised to see him having fun outside in the snow like “Oh my God!! He never does that with me”



  2. Aw very glad you got some snow and that you and the ponies enjoyed it! We ended up with more than we’ve ever had before, which was a bit of a challenge – snowed in a couple of days and when we eventually got cars dug out of drives had to park a good way from the farm and hike up, horses spent days in their stables taking very tentative walks round the yard at mucking-out time to try to keep moving and fields had such huge drifts in them, never seen anything like it! Winter adventures!! Thawing a little now though so Charmer is out for a full day in the field today and can get on with enjoying the pawing and foraging! 🙂 Lovely photos and enjoy the rest! X

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    • It sounds like it was beautiful! I hope Charmer is enjoying the time outside. We did get snowed it – although we could have got out if it was just the snow. It was the ice that trapped us! We are very lucky to have the ponies at home though so we don’t need to worry about getting to them.


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